About Us

Here at Föm Mania, we think the water blaster game has been stale for too long; it's way too ...we dunno, watery? So we put our heads together and came up with something unheard of - the first-ever foam blaster - the Fömilator! It jets out streams of thick, fluffy foam up to 15 feet. It's exciting, it's edgy, it's extreme - and it was our first step into creating an epic world of foam. Our next step was asking, "What else?". To which the answer was obvious, "MORE FOAM!".

So we built the Fömalanche - a compact, portable, easy-to-use foam machine that makes PILES and PILES of light, airy foam.

That's how it all started...but who are we?

Basically, we're maniacs for all things extra and we're big kids at heart - which is why the Föm Mania line is designed for kids. In addition to edgy product outlooks and epic product performance, our Föm Mania products run on battery-power so they are easy for kids to use on their own, and are ultra-portable. Our foam concentrate uses a tear-free formula and dissolves on its own - for clean-up-free fun. Finally, our products go through rigorous third-party testing to ensure quality and safety.

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